Saturday, November 05, 2005

Election problems

OK. I'm getting tired of the political commercials on TV and all the junk filling my mailbox. Even the local elections here are getting to be mud slingers. One candidate says the other is lying about their record. The other one says the same thing. AAARRRRGGGG! Just once I want a politician who tells the WHOLE truth about what's going on.

Well, I guess the good news is that my election problem will be resolved on Tuesday. I bet we won't have more than a 10 or 15% turn out for voting. Maybe it's just the fact that I spent the past 20 years or so protecting this country that I feel that voting isn't optional.


OK. I've been wandering around on the net looking for mapping sites. I've found the obvious ones: Yahoo, Google, Mapquest. There's one with good maps of Europe and Asia called Multimap. Microsoft has Mapblast.

What I like best about Google is the satellite images and the map overlay you can do to see what it looks like, not just a "map". Google maps is cool.

Google has a free tool to look at satellite images of the earth. It's called Google Earth. You need an active internet connection to get good imagry, but it's a really cool toy to play with. Check it out.

I know. I missed yesterday's blog. I was playing WoW yesterday, trying to get my new characters up above 5th level. 2 words. Lag sucks. My night elf died 3 times in abour 2 minutes because of lag while I was fighting big ugly spiders. As I said before, cool game.


Anonymous said...

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Erin said...

haha you get spam on your blog..
isnt that sad...
there is no way to avoid it..