Thursday, August 27, 2009

Eon Mini spinal cord stimulator

Anyone who had been on heavy pain medication understands the problems associated with them: sedation, loss of mental acuity (it took me about 5 minutes to come up with that phrase), etc. On the medications I'm on right now, I don't feel that I'm safe driving and I'm careful going up and down stairs. But without the meds, I'm in so much pain, the negative effect causes the same issues. My pain management doctor talked to me during my last visit about a game plan for resolving this. One thing he recommended is a device similar to what was posted on Ubergizmo. Basically, what this device does is jam the signal between the nerve and the brain, so the brain only gets mild static, which causes a mild neuralgia feeling (tingling or massaging feeling).

Eon Mini spinal cord stimulator: "
Eon Mini spinal cord stimulator

Despite all the advances made in the world of medical science, nobody still knows how our spinal cord actually works, but we have discovered enough to know that low levels of electrical energy, when delivered straight to the nerve fibers in the spinal cord, is able to disrupt the signals that certain chronic pain conditions send to the brain, resulting in displacing those for a much more pleasant tingling sensation. St. Jude Medical follows up on this knowledge by unveiling the smallest and longest-lasting rechargeable neurostimulator in the world known as the Eon Mini. Measuring the size of a silver dollar, this 1cm thin device tips the scale at a mere 29 grams, and will be placed under the skin of the buttock or abdomen. The internal rechargeable battery is able to last for around 10 years, where it can be programmed via a remote control to treat up to eight different chronic pain areas. As a result, many patients suffering from chronic pain could eventually be weaned off morphine and lead a normal life.

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