Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Philips Cushionspeaker Laptop Stand

This looks kinda interesting, but, really, who sits like that? She isn't even touching the keyboard! Come on, let's see some realistic action shots!

But seriously, the term "laptop" is such a bad term because they get so hot you NEVER want to put it on your lap! If this keeps your lap from being scorched, and the speakers sound better than the ones in my "laptop", then maybe it's a good idea!

Philips Cushionspeaker Laptop Stand: "
Philips Cushionspeaker Laptop Stand

Are you one who works with a laptop most of the time wherever you go, making the 'lap' part of the word 'laptop' ring true each time it is booted? The Philips Cushionspeaker Laptop Stand ought to give you some welcome relief from the head that laptops generate, as it makes the mobile computing experience all the more comfortable even with long hours of usage thanks to the soft cushion, while preventing your crotch from feeling hot all the time. Not only that, it boasts an integrated speaker that hooks up to your laptop via USB. The hot lady wearing yellow isn't included with each purchase though...

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