Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Google Tracks Helps Man Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

Well, this is a very creative use of an Android smart phone. I think I'm going to get this app and try it out, just to see what I end up with, data wise. I'm sure it will show how badly I speed when I'm driving home, and how slow traffic is on the way in to work.

Take a look at the article (follow the link). Even though the judge didn't throw out the case based on the GPS data, but on the cop's lack of evidence, it's always good to have information on your side in your hip pocket, just in case!

Google Tracks Helps Man Get Out of a Speeding Ticket: "

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Our friends over at Skatter Tech have posted a very interesting story today: how an Android smartphone helped get one of their writers out of a speeding ticket. With a combination of GPS, Google Tracks, and a lack of evidence on part of the police officer who wrote the ticket up, they are now able to say that their smartphone helped them “beat” the legal system. It’s quite the interesting read, so go ahead and check it out over there.