Thursday, January 14, 2010

It Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever – The Horror of the Human-Faced Goat!

OK, this is just so odd that I have to post it. Seems that a goat in Turkey had a kid with a human-looking face. The pictures are quite gruesome, but it doesn't really look re-touched (although, I didn't actually analyze the data in the image itself).

Mutations happen; most are caused by what we've done to the world around us: chemicals, radiation, etc. (my opinion).

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It Will Haunt Your Dreams Forever – The Horror of the Human-Faced Goat!: "

You WISH the human-faced goat looked this cute!

To protect our dear readers with more gentle constitutions, you must click here to enter our freak show tent to view the beast. If you DARE!!!

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A sheep in Turkey has reportedly given birth to a lamb with a human-like face.

Vet Erhan Elibol performed a caesarean section to deliver the calf near the city of Izmir and was horrified to find it looked like a human, Russian and Turkish news sites said.


Photos purportedly of the lamb, which was stillborn, show human-like eyes, nose and mouth.

Vets said the calf’s mutation was most likely the result of an excess of vitamin A in the mother’s fodder.

Pravda reported that a goat in Zimbabwe gave birth to a similar human-like calf last September. But villagers killed it, believing it was the result of intercourse between the mother goat and a man.

If you could stomach that, perhaps you are now ready for THIS!!!