Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Prison Bans D&D For Mimicking Gang Structure

OK, this is just another case of people blaming D&D for stupid things or accusing something inanimate of being evil.

My experience with D&D is that
1. It increases the ability to use the imagination
2. It improves teamwork
3. It can teach tactical thinking
4. It is a GREAT release of stress or boredom (one would think people in prison would need that)

People, please stop blaming things for your perceived problems and start blaming people.

Prison Bans D&D For Mimicking Gang Structure: "Trepidity writes "In a case that has been winding its way through the courts for a while now, a Wisconsin prison banned inmates from playing Dungeons & Dragons, using the justification that 'one player is denoted the Dungeon Master... [who] is tasked with giving directions to other players... [which] mimics the organization of a gang.' The prison also cited some sparse evidence that a handful of non-inmate D&D players once committed some crimes that allegedly were related to their D&D playing. On Monday the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the regulation (PDF) against challenges from inmates. The court appeared skeptical of the ban, sarcastically referring to it as the 'war on D&D,' but upheld it nonetheless as having a 'rational basis.' Law professor Ilya Somin suggests that the court may have had no choice, given how deferential rational-basis review usually is."

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