Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Demon UAV flies sans flaps

I usually don't post things about planes and other "real" stuff out there, but I have to admit this is interesting. There are no flaps on this UAV. It uses jets of air to adjust it's location in 3D space instead of actually changing the physical shape of the wing with a flap. Very interesting concept. It will be cool to see if it makes it beyond the test phases.

Demon UAV flies sans flaps: "
Demon UAV flies sans flaps

The Demon UAV will boast a first - we're looking at an aircraft that flies without any flaps, where it will 'control its elevation using jets of air; the plane works by manipulating the air that flows immediately next to its skin, rather than changing its shape.' The jets of air which are close to the trailing edge of the wing will change whether the air moves away from or towards the wing, while sensors located along the wing will monitor the airflow at all times, adjusting the direction of the jets of air appropriately so that you will be able to go to where you desire and not leave things to chance.

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