Friday, January 21, 2011

27% of Americans use Facebook in the bathroom

OK, here's some information that I really didn't need to know, but somehow it isn't totally unexpected. Actually, I'm surprised it's so low!

One of my pet peeves (well, it's just a peeve really, I don't play favorites) is people on the phone in a public bathroom. At least once a week I go into the mens room at work and hear someone talking on the phone. OK, given, we're not allowed to use a cell phone in the office because of the security aspects and all, but still, there's a lobby for goodness sake!

When I hear someone using their cell phone in the mens room, I try to be as loud as I possibly can so that the person on the other end of their phone call can know they're talking to someone who is in the mens room.

I was taught as a child that some things should never be done: don't talk while you're eating, don't pick your nose in public, don't spit into the wind (ok, that was from a song, but whatever), and what goes on in the bathroom is supposed to be private. But I guess Facebook has taken the place of the newspaper or the novel. And of course there's ebook readers. Are those waterproof? Keep your grip people.

27% of Americans use Facebook in the bathroom: "

ToiletAccording to a study done by an Atlanta-based media firm – 27% of Americans use Facebook in the bathroom. Shocking? No, not really. Ever since we’ve had cellphones and things to do on them, people have been finding other things to look at besides magazines while sitting on the porcelain throne. Some people read comics, some people write, some people talk on the phone, and some people go on Facebook. Taking into consideration how almost everyone has a data plan or a WiFi connection at home, surfing the internet while on the potty isn’t exactly a foreign activity, I don’t see how Facebooking in the same situation would be any different. And as long as you keep your devices clean and don’t drop them in the toilet, using Facebook while in the toilet shouldn’t be a problem. You can snicker to yourself each time a friend borrows your phone to make a call or play with. What do you think about using Facebook in the toilet? Unacceptable behavior, or do you do it too? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

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