Saturday, January 08, 2011

Verizon iPhone: everything you need to know

Welcome back to rumor central again. Here's another article about the Verizon iPhone that actually takes all the pieces that have been out there, all the "evidence", so to speak, and ties it all together. The case is very strong for the release of information on the iPhone on Verizon this coming Thursday, with availability in February. But, read the article. You may want to wait until summer before you jump on this.

Verizon iPhone: everything you need to know: "

Ah, the Verizon iPhone. In our bizarre careers as tech journalists, if there's one question we've heard more than 'When is Verizon getting the iPhone?' we can't think of it. Also, outside the original rumors for the iPhone and iPad, we can't think of another product so heavily teased by those in the know and those not in the know -- though mostly by those not in the know.

But then we heard Verizon is having a little get together on Tuesday, which is particularly odd timing because Verizon has a huge presence and a large amount of announcements at this year's CES. Rumors of the event being a Verizon iPhone announce immediately flared up, but there were still reservations: Apple usually announces its own products at its own corporate campus -- why would Verizon be doing the honors in NY?

That's when the Wall Street Journal swooped in with a confirmation: the Verizon iPhone will be announced on Tuesday, and WSJ's All Things D even thinks Steve Jobs will be there. So, who is this fly-by-night 'Wall Street Journal' publication we speak of? They have one of the best track track records on Apple rumors in the business, and they've been leading the Verizon iPhone predictions from day one. Follow after the break as we talk it out.

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