Friday, October 10, 2008

Again, I'm trying!

OK, let's try this again.

It's been a few years since I've put anything here. I had actually forgotten about this until last night, when I signed up on Twitter (

Twitter is an interesting concept. Mini blogs about what's going on right now in your life. But is it useful? Well, maybe. Is it strange? It can be. Here's an example.

I almost felt like a stalker. I'm following Cali Lewis. Not that way. On Twitter. Cali is the host of GeekBriefTV. Yeah, it's a lot of Mac stuff, but she's a good host. I started following her, and now she has added me to her list that she is following. It just feels odd. But in an informational way. I'll see how long this Twitter thing lasts for me.

Back to this blog. I'll try to keep politics out of it, but with the election going on, it'll be hard. There are just too many questions in my mind right now. I can't think straight. Maybe I should just come back in a few hours after my coffee kicks in.