Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random strange thoughts and observations:

  1. Hearing a pager playing "The Sound of Silence"
  2. Cell phones with the '70s style phone bell sound
  3. McDonalds is doing Monopoly again. Didn't that use to be in the spring?
  4. Traffic is always worse when you're running late
  5. Traffic is always light when you're running early
  6. No matter which line you stand in when checking out at a store, the other line moves faster
  7. #6 even applies if you're standing in the express lane
  8. People hold doors open for you if you have a cane
  9. People look at you funny if you're in a wheel chair and you stand up and walk away
  10. Some people will never pay attention, even if you hit them with a cane
  11. The foul rule in basketball always applies if you are handicapped: if they even get close to you, fall down
  12. No matter how hard it is raining or how cold the rain is, you can't run with a cane
  13. Cold rain makes sore back muscles tighten up REALLY BAD
  14. You know you're getting old when you lose hair from where it should be and grow hair where it shouldn't be
  15. Sometimes you get crushed ice even when it's set on cubed
  16. No matter how hard you try, you can't bend a potato chip (wet doesn't count! That's not bending)
  17. There are rules to shotgun
  18. Some movies will never make sense, but will always be interesting
  19. Dogs are almost always happy to see you, even if they belong to someone else
  20. Dogs look strange when inverted
  21. Even cats can be funny sometimes