Friday, October 10, 2008

Are you an early adopter?

I have this problem. No, really, it's a problem. I am . . . an early adopter.

I like to live on the bleeding edge of technology. Or at least close to it.

I started playing with Linux in 1992 with kernel version 0.9.
I got my TiVo in 2001 (I think, I can’t really remember J).
I got my hybrid car (Honda Insight) in 2002.
I got my Tablet PC (Toshiba Satellite R15) in 2005.

Ok, I’m not ALWAYS an early adopter. I just got my Crackberry last Sunday. But I had a reason. You see, Verizon is supposed to be coming out with the Blackberry Storm soon. How soon? Who knows? I’m gambling on it coming out within the next 30 days so I can trade in my Curve for it.

The Storm is supposed to be Verizon’s iPhone killer. I don’t know. Maybe. I’ll reserve judgment until I get to play with one.

I will say, I like my Curve. I like having Internet access in my pocket. And now I’m getting addicted to Twitter. Like I said, it’s got a weird feeling to it, almost STALKER weird. But it’s cool to be connected to people even when you can’t talk to them. If you use Twitter and have a Blackberry, try TwitterBerry. It’s basic, but gets the job done.

Another cool thing I just did recently was not really by choice. Since we’ve been doing a little work on the house lately, we were turning off circuits so we could put in a new outlet in an unfinished room. Well, during the process, my Series 2 died. I think the drive finally died. It lived a good life; at least 5 years old. But I bought a new drive from TigerDirect, and then got InstantCake. Cool program. Burn a CD with the InstantCake ISO file, boot from that CD with your new drive as the Master on the Primary PATA IDE channel, make a few choices and “Bob’s your uncle”, you’ve got a new TiVo drive. Quick, easy, and effective. So the drive I got was a huge 750GB drive for about $150 plus shipping. Now I have a 1000 hour TiVo. Not that I need that much space, but I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.