Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Notebook review and more on Wrath

Well, I've been using my new notebook a lot lately. I've gotten rather attached to it. I'm enjoying it very much. Here's some info:

  1. I like the screen. I read a few reviews of the notebook, and I agree with one of them about the screen. You can back the screen backlight down significantly and the screen is still bright enough to use. And the good news is, that uses less power.
  2. The keyboard is smooth, "clicky" and responsive.
  3. The 64-bit version of Vista provided me with some interesting issues; I needed to find the 64-bit drivers for all my printers. Just a minor inconvenience, really.
  4. My remote connection to work is different than before, but works very well; more smoothly and faster than on my older convertible tablet.

    I have to admit, I have been an early adopter. The notebook or actually convertible tablet I replaced with this notebook is three years old. When I got it, I really thought the tablet functionality would be indispensible. The truth is, I rarely used it. It was a cool toy, but it was more functional as a notebook than a tablet.

  5. This notebook is very light compared to most of the notebooks / laptops I have had. I really liked my Sony Vaio from five or six years ago, but like my brother said, it was a battle pig. A heavy desktop replacement system with a full-fledged P4 chip in it, heat and all! Boy did that sucker blow out some hot air; reminded me of a session of congress!
  6. Battery life is good. I haven't run it dead yet, but I've been getting about 2 hours on a charge, draining down to about 35%. That's about 2 hours of normal use, not watching a DVD. I haven't tried that yet, but maybe later this week.
  7. Sound is good. Great for the size of the speakers, I guess.

Bottom line, it's a nice notebook, and worth the $1100 it cost. Next thing to try would be adding memory to it (upgradeable to 8GB).


Now a WoW update. We have our copies of Wrath of the Lich King, but we haven't installed them yet. I know, I know, DO IT ALREADY! Well, I've been playing my level 58 warlock to get him up and around in Outland. But do you know what the problem is? Too many Death Knights! Oh my, they're EVERYWHERE! How about letting people finish some quests UNMOLESTED, please! No we don't need your help. Just go away and be overpowered somewhere else, while Warlocks are getting nerfed. I think we'll install WotLK tonight.


Along those same lines, some of my old guildies split off during one of our slack times in the game and started their own guild. No problem. One of the wanted to be a guild master, and I completely understand. Here's the issue. We want to develop an alliance (no pun intended) between our guilds. The problem is, I can't find an addon for WoW that does this well. Some of these addons do bits and pieces, but most of them aren't working lately or haven't been updated in months. Can I develop one? Well, I'm looking into that; trying to get the toolbox together before I jump in head first. If you know of an addon for WoW that builds a combination of 2 or more guilds, please let me know!