Friday, November 21, 2008

Wrath of the Lich King, Graphics and More

OK. We installed Wrath of the Lich King on Wednesday night. But even before that, the questions started rolling around in my head.

Why are you trying to get to level 80 so quickly? What's the deal? Have you even LOOKED at the graphics and new models in the game?

I'll be honest; I just took my 2 70s to Northrend. And they're STILL 70. The graphics in this expansion are amazing, even just looking at the Howling Fjord. The trees remind me of the trees around Seattle. On the ship, as it slips up the fjord toward Valgarde, you're treated to the amazing views of the cliffs of the fjord, and burning ship / bridge as you quietly slip by beneath it. The fire and water effects are nothing short of spectacular. Just a subjective observation, but I believe the graphics are more crisp and clear in Northrend than in the other areas.


I'm glad we waited a week to install Wrath. I was chatting with a former guildie who said she and her husband installed the day it was released, took their main 70s to Northrend, and couldn't move because of the lag. There were so many people in Northrend on that server that it crashed several times that night. Like I said, I'm glad I waited.


I'm not going to run to 80. It's not even going to be a brisk walk. I'm going to enjoy the trip, "smell the roses" so to speak. I'm going to enjoy the diversity of Northrend and the amazing graphics that these artists released from their minds to the benefit of all 10 million of us WoW players. Slow down, folks. Enjoy the journey.


On a side note, on Monday I'm going to an Otolaryngologist for an Electronystagmogram for my vertigo. To take the test, I need to go off some of my meds, primarily the anti-vertigo med I've been taking for 2 weeks. I'm a little concerned about it, since it has had only a lessening effect on my vertigo, not totally removing it. Hopefully by Monday afternoon I'll have an idea as to what is causing my vertigo and will have a course charted toward a resolution.