Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unboxing pix

I will admit, this is a little odd, but here's my unboxing pix for the new notebook.

Nice box. One of the things I noticed was the nice carry handle. Ooo. Also, there's the 15% restocking fee sticker. Hmmm. Is that really a deterrent?

Yes, it's the HP Pavilion dv3510nr.

Hmm, there doesn't seem to be much in that box, there. Is it all there?

Well, it looks like it's all there. Lots of instruction manuals (that I won't read), a replacement insert for the DVD drive (why would you take out the DVD drive?), and a cute little remote (lower right). Come to find out, the remote will work with PowerPoint, but it's IR, not RF, so it has limitations. The zipper bag center bottom is holding a piece of cloth to clean the metallic exterior of the notebook. The battery is wrapped in bubble wrap (second from the left.

Here's everything unwrapped. There is a mimimum amount of trash, and most of it is "green".

To be honest, I don't get the "unboxing" thing. Unless it's Christmas or something.


John Dobbs said...

Niiiiice! I bought a Toshiba meself...but... hope you enjoy it and get great service from it!