Thursday, December 17, 2009

Computer Scientist Looks At ICBM Security

Matt Blaze does a wonderful job of describing the ICBM site he visited in Arizona. This is a really good read, and shows some of the thought process that was common to the Cold War.

Thank God it stayed "Cold".

Computer Scientist Looks At ICBM Security: "An anonymous reader writes 'Computer security guru Matt Blaze takes a tour of a decommissioned ICBM complex in Arizona. Cool photos, insightful perspective on two man control, perimeter security, human factors and why we didn't blow ourselves up. From the article: 'The most prominent security mechanism at the Titan site, aside from the multiple layers of thick blast-proof entry doors and the fact that the entire complex is buried underground, was procedural: almost all activities required two person control. Everywhere outside of the kitchen, sleeping quarters and toilet were 'no lone zones' where a second person had to be present at all times, even for on-duty members of the launch crews.''

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