Thursday, December 24, 2009

Victorian styled PC is drool-worthy

I've been getting interested in the "Steam punk" movement / style lately, plus some of the Gothic type dress (Victorian gentleman, thank you very much). If I had a room with old, Victorian style furniture, I would want one of these to finish off the room! This guy does great work!

Victorian styled PC is drool-worthy: "
Victorian styled PC is drool-worthy

Are you a sucker for old Victorian-style items around your home? If so, you might want to hook up with Jake who came up with this drool-worthy PC that is squeezed into a custom aluminum chassis, designed specially to hark back to the Victorian era. The chassis itself is capable of housing hard drives as well as the motherboard behind the monitor, while the base unit has been rebuilt to hold a chunky 350W power supply. Powered by a Pentium IV processor, you will find a 250GB SATA hard drive within as well as a gold-painted cooling fan, running alongside a typewriter-inspired keyboard that is sure to start conversations with whoever drops by your place.

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