Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Facebook for Android and iPhone updated with support for Groups and Places

Well, if you're a Facebook junkie and you just need to get your mobile fix, and tell everyone where you are all the time, (I'm sitting on the deck . . .) here's your opportunity. Facebook had a big deal live presentation via live flash video (zzzzzzzzzzzzz, not very exciting, and my netbook locked up about 5 minutes in) about the newest updates to the Facebook mobile apps for Android and for iOS (well, only for the iPhone, really, because "The iPad isn't mobile, it's a computer." I kid you not, Mark Zuckerberg really said that). Anyway, read this.

Facebook for Android and iPhone updated with support for Groups and Places: "

Hey Android fans! Tired of your handset’s Facebook app feelin’ all old and busted compared to its iPhone counterpart? Good news! For once, you’re getting an update at the same time! (..Sort of.)

You see, Facebook just pushed version 1.4 of their Android client live to the Android Market, complete with support for their new Places and Groups features. Just minutes later, Facebook also pushed version 3.3.1 of the iPhone client to the App Store, complete with Groups support, improved support for Places (as the iPhone app already offered it), and support for Facebook’s just-announced location based Deals offerings. In other words, Facebook’s Android offering is still lagging behind a bit.. but hey, progress is progress right?