Monday, November 08, 2010

TSA Full-Body Scanner Backlash Begins In Earnest

Let me start out by saying I'm not a conspiracy theorist; I am not one of the Lone Gunmen from X-Files; but (and in my case, it's a big but, pun intended) there are limits to my ability to think that it's just the new rules. I'm thinking that too many people are trying to avoid being accused of "profiling" in a bad way, racially or otherwise, so they do what one of my first bosses in the Air Force always said: "I'm not prejudice, I hate everyone the same."

I wonder what the new rules will be for me when I fly next time, now that I have my "Back Pacemaker". I have the cute little plastic card that says I have this metal device medically inserted surgically implanted in my back and butt, with wires in between. And no, it won't blow up, unless you push me through that nice little magnetometer (well, not really, and I better not say that at the airport security checkpoint, right?). It's just that the magnetometer could damage or turn off the device, and I don't think I'd like that very much. Who knows what the full-body-scanners would do (now I have images from the movie "Scanners" running through my head, but it's people's entire bodies blowing up, making a really bad mess in the airport!).

There needs to be some level of common sense used here, and unfortunately I know that common sense is NOT common. Maybe it's the TSA that are the conspiracy theorists, and they are just acting out their biggest fears on all the poor, unsuspecting passengers.


TSA Full-Body Scanner Backlash Begins In Earnest: "

Hmm, are people beginning to rebel against those full-body scanners? There was a story in the New York Times a few days ago about what happens to people who choose to “opt-out” of subjecting themselves to the full-body scanners. High alert, we’ve got an opt-out! You’re then subjected to a pat-down search that would make the Combine blush. Nice.

A few days later, we have reports saying how the TSA has itself a good ol’ time patting down a woman at the security gate. Male officers, mind you. If nothing else it’s degrading to the human spirit.

Granted, reading the comments of that second link would suggest that the site errs on the conspiratorial , but it’s a whole different matter when the New York Times writes about what’s going on.

But at least we’re safe, right?



cowhidekicker said...

I have nothing to hide and what I do have on me, no one or at least not very many would be interested in anyway. Search all you want (unless it is at a San Francisco airport or down in the Florida Keys using guys to do the pat downs)even if they use female security personnel. If all this security helps catch the bad guys who may be up to something, then go to it. Same thing with Feds etc listening in on phone conversations or monitoring computer communications or use of camera surveillance etc. Again, I have nothing to hide. What ever it takes to round up the bad guys before something goes down, then more power to them.