Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kinect Hacked, Open Source Drivers Now Working

This is cool. The ultimate in hacking, with a bounty!

If you have looked at the Kinect and wondered how it worked, you can see some of it here. Watch the video; it's really interesting. But anyway, it's an awesome demonstration of what you can do as a Linux programmer who understands how hardware talks to other hardware and how to poke around inside the hardware electronically.

I wish I had these skills. Mine have gotten so rusty that they've crumbled.

Kinect Hacked, Open Source Drivers Now Working: "

It is finished. Hector Martin just posted full driver for the Kinect that can support RGB input as well as depth sensing. The audio features still don’t work.

From the readme:


9 – TONS of cleanup. I mean LOTS.

10 – Proper buildsystem (CMake probably)

11 – Determine exactly what the inits do

12 – Bayer to RGB conversion that doesn’t suck

13 – Integrate support for the servo and accelerometer (which have already been

14 reverse engineered)


16 BIG TODO: audio. The audio chip (the Marvell) requires firmware and more init

17 and does a TON of stuff including the crypto authentication to prove that it is

18 an original Kinect and not a clone. Who knows what this thing does to the

19 incoming audio. This should be interesting to look at.

Looks like the $3,000 bounty is close to a claimant.